Creativity · Knitting

Christmas Crunch

Illustration by Dan Page

I have stitches on the brain.

In fact, I think my brain has actually turned into just a wad of frogged yarn squished inside my head.

My novel for National Novel Writing Month, the annual challenge to write a 50,000 words novel within the month of November, has actually been put on the back burner this week. Shockingly I realized that Christmas is only a little over a month away (41 days. Gah! I know.), and I am not even close to having all my presents made yet. That’s right, this year I decided that I wanted to make most, if not all, of my Christmas presents for friends and family. That always seems like such a nice idea…back in June, when Christmas seems just so far, far away. Right?

I know for a fact that I am not alone in this time of Christmas crunch knitting and making. So many fellow knitter/maker friends and bloggers that I know and love have this same problem every single year. We all find ourselves down to the wire trying to finish knitting that scarf for Mom in the wee hours of the night, sewing that stocking for our cousin or friend with bloodshot eyes and seam ripper stabbed fingers, crafting Christmas cards for everyone we know and trying to keep our ink stained hands from smudging our papery craftsmanship.

I blame the little voice inside my yarn ramen brain always managing to convince me that Christmas is ages away. “Pleeeeenty, plenty of time,” she says.

Well, this year, I’ve done a bit better than I usually do. I actually starting knitting Christmas presents earlier than October or November. (Pat on the back.) However, the big problems that get me off track are 1) constantly getting distracted my other shiny, pretty patterns on Ravelry or by a squishy yarn in a local yarn shop and impulsively casting on yet another shawl and 2) constantly remembering and adding someone that I’ve somehow forgotten to the list of gift receivers 3) people’s birthdays just seem to crop up out of the woodwork every other week or so and I want to whip them up a cowl or hat. (Those smaller projects really add up, you know.)

I’ve made a good amount more for myself this year than I usually do, too, which I don’t view as a bad thing. I see it as a form of self-love. Lord knows with my last job not working out and other dramas, I’ve needed some wool warmth and understanding from myself. So, I feel it’s worth it. I’m only just a teensy bit off track with Christmas presents. Still, it’s just a lot of stitches that still need to come off my needles and a lot of words from my pen. Pictures and updates soon.

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