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Christmas Eve Has Found Me


Christmas Eve at last.

Mom and I hung out in our sweatpants for most of the afternoon. While she was busy making her famous cheese ball, I busied myself and decorated the family Christmas tree (finally).

It’s not snowing outside. In fact it’s unseasonably mild, but I felt all warm and fuzzy tonight anyway eating Chinese take-out with my mom and dad. My dad has been feeling under the weather, so we decided to watch some of the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at St. Peters on TV instead of going out to attend a service. I also went for a walk around the neighborhood and gawked at some beautifully decorated houses, all aglow with Christmas lights, and I took some pictures of the bright full moon peeking through the clouds.

So, it’s proving to be a lovely Christmas already. All that’s missing now is my wonderful husband, who flies in tomorrow afternoon. If all goes well, he’ll be here just in time for Christmas dinner.

I’ve been knitting away in between all the Christmas errands this week. After casting it on back in September, and finishing about 30 OTHER projects since then, I am finally done with the Lizzie Bennet’s Shawlette!  I can’t wait to block it with my blocking wires when I get back to California to really show off the lace. It’s decadent, drapey, and soft. I am so freaking excited to have it finished at last. Pictures to come! 😀

I cast on and have made headway into my Vega beret, and I am reminded how relaxing and rewarding colorwork is. This is my first time “double fisting,” meaning I’m knitting with a color in each hand. This cozy hat is the perfect project to work on over Christmas. I am aiming to be done with it by my birthday in a few days.

One more sleep ’til Christmas. Sleep tight.

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