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Knitting the Year Off Right

The first monthly goal of my 2016 resolution to let myself be happy is to eat and move for my well-being. Throughout this week, our first full week back from traveling, I’ve been taking refreshing daily walks with my husband and cooking yummy whole food dinners at home. Our counter top and refrigerator are overflowing with squashes, veggies, and fruits. I am not depriving myself or dieting, and I am not vowing any sort of major weight-loss goal or body change. Nope. That sort of gunk makes me miserable and self-judgmental, so forget it.

Like many others, I overindulged for most of December, and I was really feeling the heavy blanket of sluggishness by January. My drive to knit even suffered, but after eating a little more simply at home this week, I can honestly say that I am feeling a lot better. I feel lighter, positive, and more driven. So, things are looking up already for 2016.

My needles are back to click-clicking away, too. I’ve been working on Ysolda Teague’s Marin shawl for the past couple of weeks, which was one of the projects I had packed and started during my Christmas trip. I have one more repeat to go before the final tapering, and, as you can see, I am running dangerously low on yarn, but I might just make it. So, cross your fingers, folks.

Since the holiday gift crunch is over with, I’ve been enjoying the knitting process and taking it steady and slow. The Marin pattern has a nice flow to it, and A Verb for Keeping Warm’s Annapurna yarn is delicious to work with, so it has been a very, very relaxing and rewarding knit.


Amazingly, Marin is my only WIP right now. I was able to catch up and finish all my other WIPs in December. Very proud of myself. If I do run out of yarn (which, of course, I won’t, right?) I’ll probably cast on a small project until I can figure what I’ll do next.

As for the other projects that I had with me during my trip, I was able to finally finish up my Lizzie Bennet’s Shawlette during the first week, and I knit the Vega Beret during Christmas.

I made a few adjustments to the Lizzie Bennet pattern while I was knitting it. I knit the body of the shawl in garter stitch instead of stockinette stitch, because other knitters on Ravelry were complaining about issues with the shawl rolling on itself. I also finished it with an I-cord bind off, which really gives it a nice clean look.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have enough yarn to do the lace border exactly as it was written. My skein of A Verb for Keeping Warm’s Floating yarn was 400 yards and the pattern called for about 440 yards, and I didn’t want it to come out too skinny, so I did 35 of the lace scallops instead of 40 before picking up the body stitches. As a result, the shawl isn’t as long as it could have been, but the width is exactly what I wanted.

It is most definitely a shawlette and not a full shawl. It’s only been steamed blocked, so I might be able to get a little bit more length with blocking wires. Or I’ll just have to play around with it using a shawl pin to figure out how I want to wear it.

On to the Vega beret. Man, this was so much fun to knit. I misread the pattern chart for the decreases at first and had to tink back several rows to redo them, but even that I didn’t mind so much. That’s how fun this hat was. Twirling Petals yarn proved once again to be a wonderful yarn. I held the yarn double on size 6 circulars to get the right gauge. I love the color combination a lot.

I’m new to wearing this sort of style beret, but I’ve found that I really like it. It’s small and meant to sit on the back of your head, so it’s more of a fall weather fashion piece and less of a cold winter hat. I was very sad to discover, right after blocking it, that I couldn’t wear it right away, because it was too cold outside in Kansas. But it is just right for SF Bay Area weather, and I have been strutting it around town since I’ve been back.

I’m quite proud of these selfies that I took awkwardly with my Nikon camera, especially the bird’s-eye view one, haha.

Anybody else knitting the year off right? Any new projects, knitting or not, to share?

2 thoughts on “Knitting the Year Off Right

  1. The shawlette is gorgeous! ❤ I like the style where you've pinned it on the side. The shades you've knitted the Vega beret in does compliment the pattern well and it looks really good donned on your beautiful thick hair 😀


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