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Prepare to Dye…S

I’m heading back up to Bodega today for a shibori and natural dyes workshop at the Hand-Made Studio. To prep, last Saturday I did some shopping with my husband to find 100% wool or cotton white/undyed items to dye during class or to practice on at home afterward. I’m happy to say that I got some great finds.

I always try to treasure hunt shop at thrift stores when I can, so our first stop was our local Goodwill store, which is just down the street. I was thrilled to find a solitary, CLEAN white skein of 100% wool fingering weight yarn, about 200 yards, for 99 cents. The tiny baby face with perfectly sculpted hair on the label seemed to be waiting there in its little plastic baggie just for me.



Next, we hopped in the car and made the short trek to Community Thrift SF in the Mission District, where I managed to hunt down a 100% cotton white blouse ($3) and a 85% cotton 15% cashmere sheer off-white woven scarf ($2).


Thrift stores to the rescue!

Since the white yarn was in a skein, I needed to wind it on my 2-yard niddy noddy to make it into a hank for easy dyeing eventually.

Like so…


This actually turned out to be good practice, because I am still getting the hang of wrapping yarn onto a niddy noddy. I’m fine once I get going, but my brain has to catch up during the first few rounds.

Next, I tied the ends together, and then I loosely tied pieces of cotton crochet thread around four different parts of the hank in a figure eight pattern. This keeps the yarn together and prevents tangles.



Then I pulled the yarn off the niddy noddy and twisted it into a purdy hank.


All ready to dye! Er–to be dyed.

I plan on taking some pictures during class this time, so I can post them here. 🙂

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