DIY Yarn Swift Success

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been on a mission to make a yarn swift like the one I found on, which uses a collapsible wine rack and a lazy Susan.

Like this one:


After a trip to the flea market, hardware store, and a final stop at Marshalls this week, we have a working, spinning yarn swift! And all for about $15 (plus a little for tax).




Without any adjustments, the wine rack wasn’t big enough to hold a 2-yard long skein, which many of my stashed skeins are. So, with some fiddling, Danny and I discovered that if we undid a few pegs and extended four of the short “arms,” a 2-yard skein fits perfectly.


The best feature about our swift is its versatility. It can accommodate a wide range of skein lengths. The orange clamps that you see help keep the small hinged arms in place. I can unclasp them to adjust the angles of the arms and the body of the wine rack can compress to allow it to shrink further for very small skeins.


Since the lazy Susan we found has a cork surface, the rack is currently being held in place with four thumb tacks. Once I properly test the swift a few times with my ball winder, which I ordered from Joann’s using a gift card (YES!), then we will try and hammer in some nails to make some sturdier adjustments.


Look at that baby spin!

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