Sew: A Needle Pulling Thread

I’ve been attempting some major fabric stash busting over the past couple of weeks. Sad to say, but I really didn’t do as much personal sewing as I would have liked in 2015, except for a few dresses and a handful of alterations. So, a big goal for me is to sew lots and lots more to make a dent in this wonderful fabric that I have accumulated. And to also finish up any WIPs lying around.

The first thing I did at the beginning of last week was lug out my fabric bins and spread it all out to inventory on my bed. I was then super productive and matched up some patterns with different fabric pieces in my stash.


Um, as you can see from the photo above, my fabric stash has gotten a little out of hand. (Who am I kidding? ALL of my stash bins are about ready to burst.)

My fabric collection grew exponentially when I raided a big garage sale in Stanislaus County during our camping trip last summer. I also brought home some fabric that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that had been sitting at my parents’ house for Lord knows how long…

Here are four patterns I picked out to work on first: Two hats, a jacket, and a super secret project present for Danny’s birthday in March.


And here they are after they’d been cut…


Aaah, the contentment. It is so, so satisfying when pattern pieces are in neat little piles, all cut, notched, marked, pinned, and ready to be sewn.

I am currently finishing up one of the hats and the coat still needs it’s arms. So, project details and pictures to come soon. ❤

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