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Butterick 6140 Jacket: They’ve Gone to Plaid!


I’ve been under the weather this week, so I am a little late posting.

Last week I finished sewing a light weight jacket for myself from a lovely woven wool plaid fabric that I’ve held on to for the past couple of years. I don’t 100% remember where I got the fabric, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it was a remnant from Discount Fabrics in SF. The wool piece measured 60″ wide and about two and a quarter yards long. It was just barely enough for this jacket. I really had to squeeze all the pattern pieces on there. Matching up the colors for the front panels was a bit of a feat.

I made version A of Butterick 6140, which is the short jacket in burgundy on the left side of the pattern cover.


The sizing of the pattern was fine for the most part, but I did make a couple of detail changes to the pattern.

  1. I added pockets, because what the heck is a jacket without pockets?
  2. I also altered the front. On the pattern cover, for versions A and B, you can see that one front panel is longer than the other, creating an artsy asymmetrical look. I really didn’t want that, because it looked kind of odd on the short version. To me, it seemed like the model had buttoned up her jacket unevenly by accident and nobody thought to tell her. So, to make the front symmetrical, I simply cut out two of the left side panel pieces instead of one of each panel.


I am really pleased with how this came out. As this jacket pattern is unlined, it was a fairly fast project. It only took me a couple of afternoons to sew and press it. I really love that I chose this double-sided fabric. I think the lapels really show off the plaid colors in a fun way.

The final step was adding the buttons and button holes. Since I did modify the front panels of the pattern, I am had to fiddle with how to place the buttons.

I used vintage buttons that I picked out from my collection. These I found at last year’s White Elephant Sale. (Which is coming up again in March!)


And here is the jacket with two of the three buttons added to serve as an embellishment and to the keep the lapels open.


I prefer the look of the jacket open so that the front panels drape, but I also made sure to add button holes at the tips of the lapels so that I can close the jacket if I need to.


Overall, a very unique, light, and 70s-ish jacket, perfect for layering in fickle Bay Area weather.

The collarless neckline is also perfect for wearing any fun knitwear projects. 🙂

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