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DIY Yarn Swift Success (Again)!


Danny and I lucked out and found another folding wine rack at our neighborhood Goodwill (Only $2.50!), and it is bigger and much sturdier than my flea market find.


A 2-yard skein easily fits around this rack without having to make any adjustments. So, the previous wine rack is now (surprise) holding four bottles of our favorite wine in our kitchen. 🙂


For my first test with my MacGyver-y swift and my new Lacis ball winder, I balled two skeins of Sincere Sheep Cormo fingering weight yarn that I purchased at last year’s Lambtown festival in Dixon, CA.

Sincere Sheep naturally dyes some really amazing colors. I fell in love with this particular dye lot of the colorway, “Light Noise.”


My plan for these to skeins: Stephen West’s popular Dotted Rays shawl.


I really enjoy Stephen West patterns. I feel like they are fairly simple, but still very intriguing to knit. And they always turn out really cool and unique in the end. 🙂



I just got a reminder email that Stitches West is coming up NEXT WEEK on February 18th-21st. (Woohoo!) I’ve signed up to take a class there on the Saturday afternoon, so I’ll probably end up heading out to Santa Clara in the morning and plan on being there the whole day.

It also just occurred to me that the San Mateo Sewing Expo is that same weekend, so I might being going to two huge crafty expos in one weekend.

Dangerous territory, my friends. Very dangerous.

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