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I Have a Cunning Plan

Stitches West is here! My first time going ever. I have signed up for a mosaic knitting workshop on Saturday from 2pm to 5pm with the wonderful Edie Eckman. I am taking her online crochet workshop on, and she is a really great teacher.

My plan is to go to Stitches for the whole day. Santa Clara is only about 45 minutes to an hour from home, which isn’t too far. Since I am signed up for a class I don’t have to pay the $10 admission fee for the market floor. I’ll have all of Saturday morning to peruse 200+ vendors. (Yeegads.) So that I won’t be overwhelmed when I get there, I’ve created a game plan. Over the past month, I’ve been casually checking out the different vendors’ websites, and I’ve taken note of the ones I definitely want to check out. I am hoping that there will be a blueprint map/brochure so that I can easily keep an eye out for my favorites as I go.

I’ve also chosen three fun projects on Ravelry to keep in mind while I am there. Trust me, if I don’t do this, I will either go overboard or be so overwhelmed that I will dillydally at every single vendor and probably miss my class.

So. My mission: to find yarn for the following projects.

1.) Hortense Shawl

This is the big, super important one. My best friend is getting married this October (I am going to be her matron of honor. EEE!), and because I love her to death, I am going to make her a wedding shawl as part of her wedding gift. I showed her a collection of patterns last month, and together we chose this breathtaking beaded shawl pattern designed by Anna Victoria.

My soon-to-be-wed friend would like her shawl to be in navy blue to match her bridemaids’ dresses. So, I will be on the look out for some very special lace weight yarn.

(Can I just note that I am amazing and even ordered a sample color swatch to bring along as a reference? Now I just need to remember to put it in my tote bag before I leave home on Saturday…)

The following are project photos of Ravelers, Arya9 and RainFlower. I don’t know if I can match their stunning work, but I will sure as heck try.

hortense shawl 2
Knit by Ravelry User, Arya9
hortense shawl
Knit by Ravelry User, RainFlower

2.) Lamitra Hat

Isn’t this funky hat cool? This one would be for me. It’s my favorite out of the ten other unique hats published in in the Painted Woolly Toppers eBook by Woolly Wormhead. I thought it would be a really good idea to find a pattern specifically designed with colorful sock yarn in mind, because I know for a fact that there is going to be a lot of amazing sock yarn at Stitches. Don’t get me wrong, I like knitting socks just fine, but some yarns are just too pretty be be worn on my feet, y’know?


3.) L’Enveloppe

L’Enveloppe by Sally Melville is an accessory that I have been wanting to knit for a long time. It’s not quite a poncho. Not quite a sweater or wrap. It’s a thneed type thingy that you wear over your outfit, and it looks unique, cozy, versatile, and quite interesting to knit. My problem has been finding a yarn to match its quirkiness. I’ve scrolled through other Ravelers’ amazing projects, and there are just so many possibilities to choose from. The pattern is written so that you can use practically any weight of yarn that you choose. I’m thinking I’d like to find either a squishy aran or worsted weight yarn. Perhaps a semisolid or ombre colorway. This will be a really fun project to try and shop for.


Wish me luck on my yarn-y mission, folks!

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