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Stitches West 2016: Yarn, Yarn, and Yarn. Oh my.

My very first visit to Stitches West was amazing.

Not to mention, incredibly overwhelming.

I’ll start with the Mastering Mosaics class that I took with Edie Eckman. It was a fun and very informative workshop to introduce folks to the wonderful world of mosaic knitting, which is a colorwork technique that utilizes slipped stitches to create beautiful patterns. The cool part is that you only have to knit one color at a time!

My “mosaic squares” sample

Here are some of Edie’s lovely samples that she showed us. This technique seems to work best in garter stitch, so the samples were very textured.


I was impressed with how simple the mosaic technique is and how rewarding. I am definitely going to have to experiment a bit with some mosaic knitting in the future.

Now, on to the Stitches marketplace!

Considering that there were over 200 vendors I’d say I did pretty good at keeping myself from going overboard. It seems my cunning pre-planning worked.

(I’ll level with you. I think I was just so dumbfounded by all the pretty stuff, I couldn’t think clearly or make very many decisions.)

This was my haul…


1) A skein of worsted weight Rambouillet yarn by Mosaic Moon. Colorway: Vincent and the Doctor (based on the Doctor Who episode). They were clean out of this colorway in the Merino fingering, but I’m glad I went with this weight. The Rambouillet fiber is very bouncy. There’s a little over 200 yards, so I’m thinking this will possibly become some fun mittens.


2) 150 grams (about 1,500 yards) of Mongolian Cashmere Laceweight 3-ply yarn by Stitch Sisterz. Colorway: Darkest Navy, which matched up to my color swatch really well. This is already on its way to being knitted up into Hortense Shawl (Ravelry link here), which will be a wedding gift for my best friend, Bethany. This yarn is soooo luxurious and light to knit with, and it looks really great with the glass beads I got for it. I’ll post some WIP photos soon.


3) Row counter by Cocoknits. I’ve been eyeing this at Knitterly for a while and finally broke down and got it at the Cocoknits booth. I really love it. All it takes is a little click of a button to change the number. That means I don’t have to drop my project to use both hands to turn a little dial like the ones you slip on the end of a needle. They offer a bracelet band that you an use with it, but I’m toying with the idea of making it into a necklace to make it even handier. I tried it out for the first time yesterday, and this little clicker makes finishing a row very satisfying.


4) Magnetic Bookmarks Set by Slipped Stitch Studios. I’ve found that these work great as bookmarks AND for keeping my place on knitting charts. I’ve been using one of them today while knitting Hortense, and, I’ll tell ya, it beats a piece of paper with a paperclip. And they have little cute frolicking sheep on them. What’s not to love?


Be prepared for an onslaught of photos of lots of yummy yarn and fibery goodness from Stitches in my next post tomorrow.

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