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Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Expo

A week ago, pre-Stitches, I went to the Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Expo in San Mateo. After going to the one in Pleasanton last year, I realized that this one was a lot smaller, but it was still fun.

These sewing expos are mainly geared towards quilters, which I am not, but they have a variety of vendors selling other craft supplies, patterns, or just fabric, so my seamstress side can go to town. Even though I didn’t buy much this time around, because I have an over abundance of fabric right now (What, there’s such a thing?!), I did end up buying a pendant from JM Beads and Findings and a couple pairs of Sumaq Ppacha alpaca socks from a Peruvian textile vendor. (Sorry, I don’t remember their booth being labeled.)

I think what I like best about these expos is that they offer free demos at some of the booths, which is a fun way to pick up some new crafting ideas and gain inspiration. You can also sit down and test out some fancy, expensive sewing and embroidery machines that are on display, which is just so cool.

Since I am on a photo sharing kick this week, I thought I’d post some of the photos that I took while I was at the sewing expo. Some of the vendors asked for no photos to be taken. I did my best to respect this when I saw a sign, so I didn’t take as many.

And now another slew of perdy photos…



Next post: Works in progress update!

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