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Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Saturday’s indigo workshop hosted and taught by the warmhearted Ashley Eva Brock was an exciting and fascinating experience. The day in Bolinas was bright, mild, and breezy.


Here are some of Ashley’s beautiful, unique samples that she had hanging up in her back garden.


And her assistant: sweet pup, Lyla.


To kick off the workshop, Ashley taught us the basics of how to dye with indigo and about the chemistry that goes into making an indigo vat. Next, she dove right in and showed us some dyeing demos with scrap cotton squares.


The art and creativity that you can achieve with indigo never ceases to amaze me. It’s really like magic. You can see what I mean. Here are some unique patterns and projects that other students in the class were able to create with simple resists like clothes pins, jar lids, clamps, and string.

My favorite part of the class was Ashley’s demo on how to create an indigo vat base, which includes portions of indigo, sea water, an alkali, and an oxygen reducer.


Then, with the sample starter base she made, Ashley was able to revitalize her large indigo vat, which had been in “hibernation” for a few weeks.


I am very grateful for experience of learning from Ashley, and having the chance to experiment alongside other creative fiber art lovers.

Here are the samples that I dyed during the workshop: two small cotton squares, two cotton pillowcases, and a large cotton square. They’ve been triple rinsed, rinsed in vinegar water, and dried.

My next fiber arts workshop: Nuno Felting with the wonderful Jonatha!

I’ve been knitting away on a couple of big projects, so look for an update post in a day or two. 🙂

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