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Feltastic Nuno Felting Workshop

I got some great shots from Saturday’s  nuno felting workshop with Jonatha (aka She Was No Ordinary Knitter) at Hand-Made Studio. There were four of us in the class, and I LOVE how daring and experimental folks were as we learned to “paint” dyed Merino fiber onto sheer silk fabric. We had a blast.


Just like she was during the eco dye workshop in March, Jonatha was a genuinely warm and patient teacher. She walked us through the careful process of wet felting our works of art by hand.

First, we wet our piece with soapy water and pat it down…


And then we rolled it all up.


Towel burritos!


And then a little work out. You know, just a few HUNDRED rolls.


Check out the amazing results!


Whoop! Still wet!

I’m very satisfied with how my first nuno felting project came out. It’s so neat how the felted fibers cause the silk fabric to ruche.


Ooh, I just found out that Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed is going to be doing a free natural dyeing demo right here in San Francisco this Wednesday. She’ll be at the Patagonia store in downtown at 6:30pm. Should be a super informative evening. I just bought her book, Harvesting Color, a couple of months ago, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her in action!

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