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At Long Last: SFMOMA Reopening

I have some really wonderful memories of Danny and me spending hours and hours at the SFMOMA. In fact, some of our first dates were spent there. It’s our favorite museum in the Bay Area, and we were devastated when we learned back in 2013 that they were going to close the building for renovation for THREE WHOLE YEARS.

Well, I have to say, after spending an entire Sunday afternoon exploring the new and improved SFMOMA, the wait was pretty darn worth it.

Can’t wait to get in!

Danny and I jumped at the chance to get a sneak peek of the museum before its official opening in a couple of weeks. Danny’s aunt graciously invited us to accompany her to one of the members only preview days. Best surprise ever.

The museum now has seven whole floors of art galleries. We arrived at 12:15pm and left at the museum’s closing at 5pm, and we were far from getting through everything.

Just to give you a little taste (I don’t want to give too much away), here are some of Danny’s amazing photos during our exciting visit. There’s no way I can take credit for any of these this time. They’re all Danny.




Beautiful new addition

Artist: William Kentridge

Artist: Ruth Asawa ❤

artsy selfie (and a little confusing)

Hello, old friend, it’s been so long

Artist: Alexander Calder

Brand spankin’ new

Artist: George Segal

s.f. living wall installation with Alexander Calder sculpture

Artist: Alexander Calder

Artist: Donald Judd

Artist: Gerhard Richter

Artist: Georg Baselitz

Artist: Ellsworth Kelly

And, of course, my new favorite is the art installation by Dutch artist, Claudy Jongstra: a hanging tapestry made of felted wool fleece and seeds.






It was so hard to resist touching and running my hands through the wool, but I managed it.

I also managed to squeeze in a little knitting/recovery time at one of the cafes. (Yes, there is now more than one.)

Funny thing. A fellow knitter stopped and asked me about the Cinnamon Girl cardigan I was working on. She told me that I was “hardcore,” because of all the seed stitch was doing. Never thought of myself as a hardcore knitter, but there you are.


After the SFMOMA staff and volunteers kindly kicked us out at closing time, we lazily made our way across the street to take a walk in Yerba Buena Gardens before heading back to the Mission for dinner and to pick up our car.

We’ll see you soon, SFMOMA!

Danny helped me gather a small collection of leaves from some Japanese Maple trees in the park. I am hoping to eco dye with them later. A small way to commemorate the day perhaps. 🙂


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