Remembering Granddaddy

I realize that this entry is not really fiber arts related, but I feel like it is something I want posted here, a space where I can share a bit of myself with others. My granddaddy was a very meaningful part of my life.

I really wanted to publish this on Father’s Day, but I didn’t get a chance to. Things have been a little hectic over the past few days, and I feel like I am just now catching my breath.

Granddaddy and Me 12

A week ago, I got a phone call from my family that my granddaddy passed away. It was June 13th, the date of my grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

Granddaddy and Me 11

I flew out for the funeral, which was on Thursday. It was a hotter than hot, humid North Carolina morning, so it was a short service, but still very, very inspiring and beautiful.

My heart felt so full to hear friends and family talk about my granddaddy.

Some of the words that I heard folks use to describe him were generous, hilarious, sweet, caring, wonderful, loving, one of a kind, the very best of men…

Granddaddy and Me 10

I will miss my granddaddy very much, but I am comforted that he is at peace now and is once again with my grandmama, who died almost 20 years ago.

Granddaddy and Me 9

How can I express how much this man meant to me?

Visiting and spending time with him, especially time spent in his house and in his garden, was always something I looked forward to as a child.

Granddaddy and Me

He always made me feel so special. I never once doubted that he loved me. I felt it in everything. In his home cooked meals, his jokes, his smiles.

Granddaddy and Me 7

And he taught me so much.

Like how to laugh. I laughed so much around him. He was always a big jokester.

When I was young, he would whisper knowingly that the little black things in my raisin bran were actually bugs or that the pine tree twigs on the ground outside were baby elephant tusks. And when I got older, he would tell me detailed, drawn out stories that turned out to be jokes. Once he saw my reaction to the punchline, whether I laughed or groaned, his deadpan expression would relax into an impish smile and he’d chuckle heartily, relishing the moment.

Granddaddy and Me 3

He also taught me what it means to be truly loving towards other people. How to be selfless for others, self sacrificing, and patient.

He was a man to admire and turn to as a role model.

Granddaddy and Me 4

Granddaddy, you were and always will be my hero. No words can express my love and admiration.

Granddaddy and Me 5

I will miss you very much.

One thought on “Remembering Granddaddy

  1. Beautiful Jen…Sam impacted my life in such a profound way…a legacy of love that remains today. A man after Gods own heart demonstrated to everyone he came in contact with. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Brian Clemmer

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