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On (and Off) the Needles: Cinnamon Girl Cardi and Trillian

Danny and I are finally all packed for our Central America trip. Our red-eye flight takes off tonight at around midnight. I’m squeezing in a little bit of blog writing time (with old episodes of Larkrise to Candleford playing soothingly in the background) before we head out. I had fun today running around doing some last-minute errands, like picking up mini toiletries for myself, which I always find a little silly but exciting at the same time, and some treats to give to family.

Knitting success: I managed to finish up my Cinnamon Girl Cardigan earlier this week.


The photos in JuJu’s Loops show models wearing the cardigan open or with a single shawl pin, but while I was pinning and blocking the sweater on my dress form a couple of nights ago, I realized that I kind of like the front panels overlapping a little bit.


I’m thinking that this calls for some buttons! I’ll sift through my button collection when I get back from our trip. There are already yarn overs along the front panel edges, so they could be made into button holes very easily.


I originally thought that I would make the sleeves full length, but after making the first sleeve full length I decided I liked three-quarter length better with this style. It’s too bad I don’t need the sweater on the trip. I’m a little sad that I haven’t had a chance to wear it out yet. It should be a very Bay Area friendly sweater that I’ll be able to wear year round. I’ll try to get some photos of me wearing it in action soon.

Of course, no international journey is complete without a new knitting project to work on. I am a big fan of Martina Behm’s knitting patterns. I loved knitting her Hitchhiker and Miss Winkle shawlettes last year. Trillian is similar to both, as it is an asymmetrical shawlette. Hitchhiker and Trillian are from her Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy inspired pattern collection. Like Hitchhiker, Trillian seems to be travel friendly, is an easily memorizable pattern, and a perfect project to use up some fun sock yarn from my stash. (Ravelry link)


The cake on the right is a teal Merino sock yarn (very soft, 200-ish yards), which I sadly lost the label to some time ago, and the cake on the left is I Knit or Dye “Different Class” BFL sock yarn (421 yards) from I Knit London. I’m going to knit a few solid color stripes with the teal yarn as I go, which will add a bit more yardage for the project.

Once again I am bringing bamboo circular needles to try and avoid any mishaps through TSA. A knitter I met last year told me a horror story about how her yarn and needles (both on the pricey side) were confiscated during her trip to Ecuador, which is just ridiculous. I mean, did they seriously need to take her yarn in addition to the needles? Ugh. Makes me mad just thinking about it.

Hopefully all traveling will go smoothly. I’m looking forward to a bit of exploring and beach time with the in-laws. Wish us luck!

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