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Danny and I got back from our exciting Central American trip last week. It was a whirlwind of people, places, colors, and food. We were on the go, exploring and visiting family for the majority of the visit, which made it go by very fast. I had a little bit of time to work on my Trillian scarf, but with the muggy heat and so much to see and take in I didn’t knit as much as I had planned to. And, obviously, I didn’t blog as much as I had planned to either.

At the tail end of the trip I unfortunately suffered from a very icky stomach bug, which I’ve been recovering from over the past week. You’d think that being stuck in bed at home would be the ideal time to get in some knitting, but I really wasn’t in the mood to knit or work on craft projects this time. (Yeah, I felt THAT icky.) I found that the only projects I was willing to work on at all were instant gratification ones that I could finish in a very short amount of time. So I bust out the big yarn.

I made this Wasabi Cowl on a day when I was feeling particularly icky. (Pattern designer: Cassandra Dominick, Ravelry Link)

I bought this yarn as a birthday present for myself last December. It’s a 100 yards of Falkland handspun by Yarnarchy, one of my favorite indie dyers on Etsy. The colorway is called “The Wedding of Mrs. Fox,” based on the Grimm’s fairytale. Don’t you just love the colors? The art yarn’s texture is soft, cushy, and was comforting knit. I’m looking forward to an extra chilly day that I can wear this cowl out.


This was a plant pot cozy I crocheted with a really big crochet hook and 4 strands of miscellaneous yarn held together, which I think came out really cute. (Those colorfully striped sticks you see to the right are vintage Bulgarian yarn spindles that I purchased from a local gal in SF. Super fun, and only a couple bucks!)


Speaking of big crochet hooks. Right before our trip, I asked Danny to make me a giant crochet hook out of a wooden dowel so that I could help make some bags for a designer.


I experimented with it a bit this week and it works pretty well! He might need to sand it down to open up the inside of the hook a bit more, but all in all a success. 🙂


I’m hoping to try to create some extra-large knitting needles, too, which, I think, will be a bit easier to do. I was inspired by these needles, which I saw in a fiber artist’s studio during last month’s Oakland First Fridays.


I also saw this handy contraption at the same artist’s studio.

It’s an antique sock knitting machine! I’ve always wanted to crank one of these babies. They are so cool. Ah, imagine the hundreds of socks I could make. A pair for you, and pair for you…

And speaking of BIG yarn. This is called a “bump” of yarn, and it’s 126 yards (and a little over 3 pounds) of extra squishy alpaca rug yarn that I ordered from HLA Fibermill while I was in Kansas visiting my parents earlier this summer. Sara is the co-owner of HLA Fibermill with her husband, and she taught the peg loom class that I participated in back in June. The plan for my bump: a meditation mat, which I am going to weave on my peg loom.

Well, this post has a little bit of everything in it, but that’s all for now. Happy crafting this weekend!



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