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Whatcha Up To? (Knitting Projects Update)

This post is a little on the longer side to make up for my silence over the past couple of weeks. I’ve just finished packing for my trip to Boston on Saturday. (Oh gosh, that’s tomorrow.) I’ve been running around a little bit squeezing in doctors appointments, last-minute shopping, and a few odd errands before leaving. I’ll be gone for three weeks this time. Only about two weeks until Bethany’s wedding day! I can’t wait to give her the wedding shawl I knit for her and to see the look on her face when she finally gets to hold and wear it in person.

Onto fiber project updates. I’ve been working on small pieces mostly, including some small crochet practice projects. It has been a while, so I’m a little rusty at my crochet. I was only happy with one project, which was pretty much the only one that I didn’t end up frogging. It’s a project basket for home that I made with three short skeins, each around 150 yards or less, of bulky weight yarn. Yes, it’s a bit wonky, but I like it anyway.


I’m still working on Trillian now and again. It has been my on-the-go project, because it’s compact and only consists of two repeat rows. It’s coming along nicely.


I’m very much in love with the colors of this I Knit or Dye sock yarn and I really like how they are being shown off in this pattern.


I cast on a new project, Swing Dress by Skacel, about a week ago. It’s a stash busting, long-term project, and I’m playing around with combining different colored strands held together. I had actually almost finished the first tier of the skirt a week ago and was spreading it out to take a progress photo, when I realized that it was twisted! Argh.


So a-frogging it did go. Regressed to a ball of yarn. At least I had joined the yarns with a Russian join as I’d been knitting. That made unraveling very quick and easy.


A few hours of work undone in a few minutes. Sigh. Knitting can be a lesson in impermanence sometimes, can’t it? Not too different from a Buddhist sand painting.


Maybe that’s a little dramatic.

I’ve since cast on the dress again (450 freakin’ stitches, guys), but I just haven’t had the heart to go back to it yet. I think I’ll let it hibernate until I get back from my trip. Hopefully I’ll feel better about it by then.

To cheer myself up after that disappointment, I craved an instant gratification project. So, I cast on the Weekend Wrap by Cocoknits. It took me a little more than a weekend to knit, but it was a very easy and fast project on size 15 needles. I used two different yarns held together: Habu Tsumugi Silk laceweight yarn and Stitch Sisterz laceweight cashmere yarn (the same yarn I used to knit Bethany’s shawl). The result? A lacy vest/wrap with a lovely drape and the fabric even has a slight sheen to it.


I really enjoyed knitting this Cocoknits pattern, and I’ve decided to take Cocoknit’s Leonie top as my trip project. The ITO Kinu silk yarn that I bought for it, which I scored at the East Bay Creative Reuse Depot, is all caked and ready to go in my carry-on. It’s funny, now that summer is officially over and autumn has begun, I am suddenly in the mood for light n’ airy summer-type knitting. Oh well, the heart wants what it wants.

Last weekend, Danny and I made a two-hour excursion trip up north to the Mendocino County Fair in Boonville, where the California Wool and Fiber Festival is held annually. He and I got to pet lots of soft fiber and yarn in the vendor section, as well as some cuddly sheep and goats in the livestock pens. I’ll save posting some photos from that day for an upcoming post.

Happy crafty weekend!


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