Eco Dyeing: Magical, Fulfilling, Healing

In this post I am taking a look back to February, when I did an eco dyeing session with my teacher/mentor/friend, Jonatha of She Was No Ordinary Knitter. She was kind enough to invite me to her art studio space to play and make some art. Danny was awesome to hang out and take photos of the afternoon.


For this session, my blank canvas was a delicate 14″ X 60″ wool and silk scarf. The plant material that I chose to use out of the plethora of material provided by Jonatha: eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus pods and seeds, onion skins, and Casuarina pine needles. I rolled and bundled the scarf around an iron pipe.


Jonatha worked on a couple of her own projects, including a wool scarf and four silk ties, which she bundled together.


There were two other ladies participating. One worked on eco printing two wool hats, and the other experimented with a large scarf using the “blanket method” technique, which utilized paper towels soaked in iron water.


It was fascinating to see all of the different projects being made with a variety of techniques. Of course, the most exciting part of the afternoon was unrolling the bundles after the steaming/soaking process. We could hardly wait for the bundles to cool down before untying them. It was thrilling, like unwrapping long-awaited Christmas presents.


Such colors and details were captured onto the fabric!


I find it difficult to be fearless in my personal art projects sometimes, so getting the chance to meet and hang out with other fiber artists to do some artful play in a welcoming and comfortable environment was unbelievably fulfilling. I left the session feeling inspired and hungry to do more of my own creative projects at home.

Looking back on this day, I’m reminded of that elated mood and it is inspiring me all over again. For me, it is proof that art is healing and wonderful medicine for the creative soul.

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