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Brush Off the Dust

I really have to chuckle at my last post from — ahem — nine months ago. So MANY changes have indeed happened since last March. The biggest being that Danny and I have relocated from California to the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

The week before Danny and I left for our Barcelona trip in February, I had received some big news that my employer, Freia Fibers, was moving east to North Adams, MA. At the time, I was very disappointed and even depressed. I loved my job, but this move meant that my time with Freia was over.

Except, I didn’t want it to be over.

A couple months after the announcement, I found myself in Massachusetts at the beginning of spring. With Danny’s encouragement and support, I decided to embark on a personal summer adventure. From May to July I was going to rent a room in Williamstown, just a few miles from Freia‘s new home base at the Norad Mill in North Adams, and I’d help get the new studio up and running while exploring a new area of the country.

Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with the Berkshires…even after I fell off my bike and broke my ankle in the second half of May.

Womp womp

After two weeks of healing (and lots of knitting), I was able to hunt down a wheelchair on Craigslist so that I could return to work and maneuver around the studio safely. About a month and a half after that, I was off my crutches and in a walking boot…

…and I’d never felt happier at work…

…or outside of work. Beauty was everywhere.

So, my originally planned three months in the Berkshires came and went. I then decided to stay another three.

October was just freaking beautiful.

After many, many long video chats, Danny and I decided to give the Berkshires a shot. I flew back to SF in October, and we packed all our belongings in a Uhaul box (95% books and craft supplies) and shipped it across country to our new place.

And here we are, finally. We have thankfully made it through the craziness of moving and are feeling a little more settled. The holidays and my birthday were spent with loved ones in New Hampshire. (Bethany is now only a two and a half hour drive away!)

2018 proved to be a very big year for us. I am looking forward to getting to know our new home and community in 2019.

Dear world, I am excited to be alive in you. And I am thankful for another year.

Charlotte Eriksson

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